Leadpages Review


leadpages honest review

Are you looking for a simple drag and drop website builder that can develop high-converting landing pages for your website?

The website builder marketplace has completely changed.

Nowadays nobody prefers to spend more time to write codes and develop a site; instead, they choose the best website builder that is effective in creating a landing page without a need of a developer.

Today in this detailed and honest review of Lead pages, you will check in-depth regarding the lead pages, their features, pros, cons and more.

What are Lead Pages?

Lead pages is one of the intuitive and preferred drag and drops website builder software that helps to deliver behavioral bribes which are capable of converting new website visitors to customers or leads, create a landing page for your books, courses, webinars, and other products, set up email sign-up forms which help in developing your list faster.

The main reason for customers choosing Lead pages is its user-friendliness. With the help of the Drag and Drop Editor, you can create a landing page within five minutes without any code requirements. You can also alter and update the pages quickly. Customers select their favorite templates suitable for their business and start building a website. Lead pages integrate with leading email service providers like Covert Kit, Mail Chimp and A Weber.

Lead pages can connect with Word Press easily by using the plug-in. In the case of customers not making use of the Word Press, the lead pages offer formatted HTML Codes which you can copy and paste to the website’s back-end.

Lead pages – Features:

Here is a quick summary of every feature that the Lead page contains namely

  •  Drag and Drop Editor: It was in 2016, Lead pages redesigned the drag and drop editor completely to a glitch-free and intuitive drag and drop editor that provided a new experience to the users.

  •  Marketing Integrations: With the help of these integrations, you can connect your preferred webinar tool, payment gateway, email marketing service and more efficiently. There are a ton of marketing integrations available with the lead pages.

  •  Website Integrations: Hooking up to your website is easier with Leadpages.It has a WordPress plugin for WordPress and similarly numerous website integrations of other website builders like Joomla, Squarespace, etc.

  •  Detailed Analytics: Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and more analytics are provided apart from the dashboard analytics.

  •  140+ free &Paid Templates: Leadpages has numerous free and paid templates that the user can choose for creating new landing pages within few seconds.

  •  Hosted Landing Pages- Leadpages helps in hosting all land pages.

  •  Easy A/B Testing: Spinning a new split test to check out which landing page version is performing the best is made easier.

  •  Lead boxes: There are pop up forms which are custom designed which you can display based on the user’s action or automatically. Its even more accessible to link created button to a lead box in the landing page creator to create conversion boosting easily.

  •  Leaddigits: The features allow the leads to opt into your webinar or email list via their automated text messages and mobile phones.

An in-depth view on the Leadpages Drag and Drop builder:

The lead page editor is as same as using the WordPress Page builder. You can check out a live preview of your home page on the screen ’s side. On the left-hand side, you can access,

  •  Page Styles: The tab helps in choosing background images, fonts and more.

  •  Widgets: Its considered to be your page’s building blocks. For, eg, you can use a widget if you need to insert a new button or opt-in form.

  •  Page Tracking: Helps in setting up basic SEO features like meta title, analytics and tracking code like Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel.

  •  Page Layout: The tab helps in creating the page’s foundational grid layout using columns and rows.

Lead Pages Cost:

You can take monthly and annual subscription with a discount from the original LeadPages site. Here is the screenshot of Leadpages pricing options. (Please add a screenshot of lead pages pricing)

How to create LeadPages?

Choose your own template from the lead pages template option and customize it as per your need. Pick a color, font and other features as per your business preferences. With the help of drag and drop editors, you can create a website within five minutes or less. Once you have created a new website with all feature available, you can publish them. Leadpages give you a handy URL, which you can change as per your keywords or needs.


  •  Simple interface

  •  SEO-Friendly pages

  •  24/7 Support.

  •  Simple WordPress plugin

  •  Ultra-Fast Hosting

  •  Lead Notifications

  •  Excellent collections of widgets

  •  Built-In Analytics


The price seems to be high for casual users.

You should get some of the features outside so that you need to spend money on those features too.






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