One Funnel Away Challenge

How To Make Money Online In 30 Days, Step By Step, With Live 7 Figure Mentors For Just $100

Yes, you heard that right.

Russell Brunson and his Software Company Clickfunnels is about to launch a Super Juicy deal.

Their Program is called the "One Funnel Away Challenge".

It is an event live, with 3 Exclusive mentors (who charge 5 figures for a conference appearance) right next to you, supporting and explaining each one of the steps of this challenge, during zoom live sessions.

They are Russell Brunson himself, Julie Stoian and Stephen Larsen.

Those 3 names together have the power to create 8 figures funnels in less than 30 minutes. They have proven record of Selling Online like no one else have done before. This is a unique opportunity.

This is the change you have been waiting for.

Who is this Challenge for? I donĀ“t have any technical expertise?

It does not matter.

This is for anyone that wants to really level up. Not only you will have their guidance on the process, you will have a group of others like you supporting each step of the way, with an easy and powerful tool as Clickfunnels is.

The way to become the real you.

A wealthy version of yourself that can make a stronger impact in the world.

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