Hi There,

Thanks for stopping by and checking Affiliate Search.

I am Mateo by the way, thanks for joining me on my affiliate marketing journey, which I started 2 years ago.

I am glad that you found this site, as it is my objective to help you with information that opened my eyes and pinpointed me in the right direction.

I have been studying and reading everything about the subject as I proposed myself to understand the whole picture before deciding what path I wanted to take being SEO, Funnels, Email Marketing, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Google Ads, you name it, I researched and studied about it.

But on this site, in particular, I write about Tools, and Resources that you can implement in your business of any type, doing focus on Clickfunnels and SEO.

I started this site as a guide for anyone starting out in affiliate marketing because the internet has so much information about the “Make Money Online” world, that it gets overwhelming.

Apart from this, for a starter, it also affects your chances of success as they depend on how well you manage information overload and how much you focus.

I want to clarify that all the Software Applications, Training, and “Other Stuff” you see here through this site I have tested them personally, and I use some of these tools daily.

I highly recommend that you take a look at the free resources, the recommended tools section, and the books section.

Let me tell you that I have a high standard for Software Applications as I am a Systems Engineer myself, so I set high standards to decide whether a tool is good or not (so you don’t waste your time testing).

I can say that I set the same high standards for tutorials, courses and every learning I take and I share. So I hope that the information you find on this site, will be helpful and help you finally get some traction online.

Let’s say that the more you focus the better, in anything you approach in life.



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